1. Everyone must be 18 years and older
2. Respect everyone regardless of personal choices
3. Do not share any personal information, you will be directed to Healthwatch
Wolverhampton who are covered under General Data Protection Regulation
4. Do not use vulgar language
5. Give everyone an opportunity to speak
6. If any information is shared and Healthwatch deem it to be an issue
safeguarding will be contacted.
7. Treat everyone with dignity
8. It is not a political forum
To celebrate #worldmentalhealthday we’re delighted to share this excellent video from our colleagues Together in Sussex #WatchLearnShare https://youtu.be/0jzP8CMUNPc
We have a FULLY EQUIPPED MINI FILM STUDIO for hire! Connect with your audience virtually during these challenging times.  Get in touch for further information
Can you help? We urgently need the following furniture donations for some of our local properties! We will start coordinating our van collections from this Saturday 10th October between 10am – 4pm, and for the following 3 Saturdays after that:
Sofa sets
Chest of drawers
Bedside tables
Please only donate furniture that is in good sound condition and safe to use, thank you. We would appreciate if photographs could be sent to us by Direct Message.
A Saturday collection service is something we aim to continue doing into the future so please keep an eye on our page for what we need!
Thank you for your help!
#Donate #Giving #Support #LotusSanctuary #Wolverhampton #WestMidlands #Homelessness
Happy Bisexual Day of Visibility!!!!😃😃😃
October 1st marks the start of Black History Month,& we’re going to celebrate by featuring someone each week relevant to the LGBT + community.Theres also a great page on Instagram called lgbt_history
We have to begin with Marsha.P.Johnson!! There would be no Pride without her.Born on 24.8.1945,Marsha was an American gay liberation activist & outspoken advocate for gay rights,& a self identified drag queen.She was one of the prominent figures in the Stonewall uprising in 1969.She was a founding member of The Gay Liberation Front,& co-founder of S.T.A.R (Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries) along with Sylvia Rivera.On the first year anniversary of the Stonewall riots (28.6.1970),Johnson marched in,what would become,the very first Pride-known then as The Christopher st.Liberation Day.
Shortly after the Pride parade in 1992,(6.7.1992),Marshas body was found floating in the Hudson River.Her death was treated as suicide,despite having a massive wound to the back of her head & witnesses saying they saw her being harassed by a gang of men.
In 2002,her death was reclassified as “un-determined”.
She will always be remembered for her tireless efforts fighting for equal rights for the LGBT + community.
Birmingham LGBT
0121 643 0821
unofficial LGBT+ SPARKLE Wolverhampton pride in todays express and star 22nd september page 3 miss tiffany sparkle miss Bianca and miss Pauletta pick up 

love is love 
for more info contact maria 07421838525

or visit facebook.com/thewildwolfmovement

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to sign up to west midlands police now 
contact us 

paul ryder 07515518568

Marcus Cottrell 07858188726  


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today is suicide prevention day some acts of kindness can mean a lot to someone that is feeling rock bottom I'm raising awareness  about this to support this 
miss Bianca and miss tiffany sparkle  will be doing a few little ditty's for unofficial lgbt+ sparkle Wolverhampton pride  


We are delighted to partner with:

* Healthwatch Wolverhampton 
* Huggle Pets
* WVCS Social prescribing
* Black Country Near Neighbours
* Caudwell Children
* Transforming Communities Together 


gorgeous FM a not -for profit organisation will launch with the Breakfast show hosted by presenter james levett at 7am on the 14 september well done to founders SHAUN KEASEY and ALEC WELLMAN for launching the station which will broadcast across BIRMIGHAM , the BLACK Country and SHROPSHIRE on DAB with local LGBT people very much the focus of its output. it will also be available worldwide online for people to listen to as well 
Midland Zone are proud to support Gorgeous FM by supplying the LGBT news to the station if you would like to support this project and can spare a few pounds then click on to their just Giving crowdfunding  page hear http://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/gorgeous-fm

about moving forward with our LGBT+ sparkle social group and discussing funding 
  • LGBT+ Sparkle started in 2019

  • We want to reach out to all of the LGBT+ community from different backgrounds, cultures and religions in Wolverhamton and surrounding areas.

Image Credit: Ethan Edwards - Lady Rainicorn


During Covid-19, we have worked with Black Country Near Neighbours to move the group online (using Zoom) and to open these meetings up to include people not from the LGBT+ community.
Image Credit: Ethan Edwards - Half
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Can I just take a second to thank you very much for all of the information you are sending me through from guest speakers and other sites, which are very relevant to the work I am doing to support customers and colleagues. 

— Andrew
“It's a good place to chat, good people, and a great place to find out about local services and supporting each other" 

— Becka
"I''m really enjoying being part of these meetings. It's so refreshing to find a networking meeting with such informative discussions along with abit of personality and a sense of humour. the group has also introduced me to a diverse range of other organisations which the fire service can now work in partnership with supporting our aim of making the west midlands safer stronger and healthier -MELANIE GRINGER partnerships support officer west midlands fire service 
 loved your guest speakers over the past 3 weeks shay and brooke were very inspirational , i have learnt a lot from them and feel more able to understand the journey of trans people and in turn this will help us understand at the jobcentre how we can support those undergoing transition. i will make sure andrew gets some feedback 

i know you say alot you are learning ,but i wanted to congratulate both you and marcus for were you are now compared to the first session all those months ago, its been a delight to see how the group and both are growing from strength to strength introducing and keeping up the momentum of something like this takes alot of  dedication 

kelly hayward disability employment adviser leader 


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